New Historical Perspectives

New Historical Perspectives is an Open Access books series commissioned by the Royal Historical Society and published as an imprint of the IHR by the University of London Press.

The series enables early career researchers to publish monographs or edited collections in print and Open Access formats, without author charges. The first book was published in late 2019. Five further titles will appear in 2020.

New and forthcoming titles

The New Historical Perspectives Series launched in November 2019 with Edward Owens' The Family Firm. Monarchy, Mass Media and the British Public, 1932-53. A further five volumes in the series will appear through 2020.

All titles in the NHP series are available free online as Open Access texts via our publisher, the University of London Press.

About the NHP series

New Historical Perspectives is a book series for early career historians (within 10 years of their doctorate), commissioned and edited by the Royal Historical Society, and published as an imprint of the Institute of Historical Research by the University of London Press. It seeks to publish innovative and high-quality research in accessible online formats.

All titles are published in print (hard- and paperback) and as Open Access (OA) from first publication. Open Access editions appear on the OA platform of the University of London Press, and as part of JSTOR's Open Access Books, enabling full book and chapter downloads. Titles are published Open Access with no fees charged to the author or the author's institution.

Monograph authors also receive a workshop with invited specialists to discuss their work before its final submission, and guidance from members of the NHP's academic editorial board who also oversee a careful peer-review process. 

The first titles in the series will appear in late 2019 and Spring 2020, with further books published regularly from this point.

Open Access and a wider readership

The 3 initial books in the New Historical Perspectives series have been downloaded 8000 times in the first six months, in 68 countries.

The New Historical Perspectives team were an absolute pleasure to work with from start to finish. I would strongly encourage all history ECRs to consider submitting a book proposal to them.

NHP author Dr Edward Owens on publishing with the series, October 2019.

I received significant support from the series editors and benefited greatly from a ‘monograph workshop’, where four leading historians read and commented on the first draft of my manuscript. One of the great benefits of publishing in this series is that, alongside traditional hardback and paperback versions, the book's also available Open Access. As an early career historian, this greater accessibility and discovery is vital for promoting my research to as wide an audience as possible.

NHP author Dr Sam Manning on publishing with the series, March 2019.

For any Early Career Researcher considering who to approach for their first book, I cannot recommend the New Historical Perspectives series more highly.

NHP author Dr Christopher Phillips on publishing with the series in April 2020.

AUTUMN 2020 TITLE: 'Unite, Proletarian Brothers! Radicalism and Revolution in the Spanish Second Republic'

By Matthew Kerry

Published: 30 September 2020

AUTUMN 2020 TITLE: 'Masculinity and Danger on the Eighteenth-Century Grand Tour'

By Sarah Goldsmith

Published: 30 November 2020